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  1. In Topic: DSCL prints, Loxley's finest, print yourself or what ?

    Posted 6 Mar 2014

    [quote name='davidgoodier' date='05 March 2014 - 08:54 PM' timestamp='1394052867' post='142149']
    Mentor ???

    First I've heard of that - off to find out about them but any hints as to where would be appreciated [img]http://www.rpsforum.org/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img]


    Well, when I attended my last Advisory Day, there were two "Advisors" who normally sit as Assessors at Bath. They were there to tell you where you were progress wise en route to your distinction. For example one or two people were told "You're a long way off" (I got the impression - start again!); you have some pictures here, take more of these; you are nearly there; and go for it. But one of the advisors was mentoring a person who was going for a distinction. He was assisting her in her preparation. So unless she was a friend of the advisor I think it is available. Ask the RPS Distinctions Dept. You would have to declare their help and would it influence the assessors decision? I don't know.
  2. In Topic: DSCL prints, Loxley's finest, print yourself or what ?

    Posted 5 Mar 2014

    [quote name='davidgoodier' date='05 March 2014 - 02:54 PM' timestamp='1394031294' post='142139']
    Thanks for your reply - but I don't follow what you mean by matching the images to the paper types???[/quote]
    I think William is simply saying that certain types of images would appear better on different types of paper. (William - please correct me if I am wrong!)
    There is a section within the whole ARPS process which is about presentation - so it is important.
    I am having my prints done professionally. It's not important how they were produced, just that, like everything else, it should be the best you can achieve, and be the best for the prints.

    See Section 2.3.1 of the Distinctions handbook.
    [i]You can either print your images yourself or have them commercially printed (but remember that you are responsible for the finished result).
    Try to ensure that the print quality is consistent throughout the submission; this adds to the cohesiveness of the set.[/i]
  3. In Topic: Member survey

    Posted 17 Jan 2014

    I have now done the survey. Rich I am with you here. I think there were some areas which could have been developed more. In my area, I feel we could do with more regional meetings or talks etc; however since we have a monthly special interest group meeting about once a month, it's not too bad. I couldn't get this across.

    I'll still take the £200 though.
  4. In Topic: Guide to Photographing the Northern Lights

    Posted 14 Jan 2014

    View PostMartin Walters, on 14 January 2014 - 02:37 PM, said:

    I for one, cannot see why prices in that part of the world are so extreme

    Possibly because wages are so high? As I said, I travelled on a cruise. All the crew were local. I met and spoke to a crew member who had just started work on the ship. She worked 24 days on 24 days off. Her husband worked the opposite shifts. They had just bought a Kr3Million (£300,000) house. So, two people who were on the bottom rung of the ladder financially on a shipping line are able to buy a house like that. (I know the parents didn't help). Reason - high wages.
  5. In Topic: Guide to Photographing the Northern Lights

    Posted 11 Jan 2014

    That's a good comprehensive guide Rich. I went on a cruise up the coast in October with the Hurtigruten shipping line and got lucky in that one evening we saw the Lights. As I was on a ship the photographs I took are not too sharp, but at least I can say that I saw them. I will echo most that you say about your trip including the friendliness of the locals and the cost of everything. I managed to get cheap flights with Norwegian Airways so I can only guess it is the usual thing, it depends on when you book and when you want to go. I would recommend Norway as a good place for photography, in all seasons, just remember it will cost a lot. But as Rich says, get over it!

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