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  1. In Topic: Member survey

    Posted 17 Jan 2014

    I have now done the survey. Rich I am with you here. I think there were some areas which could have been developed more. In my area, I feel we could do with more regional meetings or talks etc; however since we have a monthly special interest group meeting about once a month, it's not too bad. I couldn't get this across.

    I'll still take the £200 though.
  2. In Topic: Guide to Photographing the Northern Lights

    Posted 14 Jan 2014

    View PostMartin Walters, on 14 January 2014 - 02:37 PM, said:

    I for one, cannot see why prices in that part of the world are so extreme

    Possibly because wages are so high? As I said, I travelled on a cruise. All the crew were local. I met and spoke to a crew member who had just started work on the ship. She worked 24 days on 24 days off. Her husband worked the opposite shifts. They had just bought a Kr3Million (£300,000) house. So, two people who were on the bottom rung of the ladder financially on a shipping line are able to buy a house like that. (I know the parents didn't help). Reason - high wages.
  3. In Topic: Guide to Photographing the Northern Lights

    Posted 11 Jan 2014

    That's a good comprehensive guide Rich. I went on a cruise up the coast in October with the Hurtigruten shipping line and got lucky in that one evening we saw the Lights. As I was on a ship the photographs I took are not too sharp, but at least I can say that I saw them. I will echo most that you say about your trip including the friendliness of the locals and the cost of everything. I managed to get cheap flights with Norwegian Airways so I can only guess it is the usual thing, it depends on when you book and when you want to go. I would recommend Norway as a good place for photography, in all seasons, just remember it will cost a lot. But as Rich says, get over it!
  4. In Topic: New RPS Main Website?

    Posted 7 Jan 2014

    Maybe not meetings as such, but they do have Events. Click Here - perhaps you could go along to one of them and sound out if there was any interest in having other types of meeting.

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