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Egypt: The White Desert, let it snow!

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Just a couple of weeks before the Arab Spring, I had decided to flee the howling blizzards sweeping Europe white, and embarked on a short expedition intending to cross on foot a small part of the Egyptian Sahara called the White Desert. Upon arrival at the Charles-de-Gaulle airport in Paris, I started to feel buckets of cold sweat flowing down my...

Luddite - Moi?

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An occasional blog dedicated to the use of film for still-photography, using Leica rangefinder cameras (+ my Rolleicord Vb and Pentax ME Super). All b&w film developed chez nous, at the kitchen sink.

Come and watch the film

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A great opportunity to see the documentary The Spirit of ’45 at RPS HQ, Bath, on Tuesday 15 October.

"An impassioned documentary about how the spirit of unity which buoyed Britain during the war years carried through to create a vision of a fairer, united society."

Tickets - £3.50 available from the RPS Shop (limited number of...

Trying to get a flow

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September 11 .......Well I had most of my LRPS entries ready but then decided to look again at the LRPS passes - I saw that what I had was just a mix of photos, OK they showed various ways of photographing but there was no flow.....So I going to start a new project - take one subject and try everything around it - can I think of something, no, not...

Kent Downs temple Ewell

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Had a lovely day yesterday on the Kent Downs at Temple ewell with another of my friends and some factor 30 :unsure:
photographing butterflies, Heres two images from today.

I was lucky enough to capture these three Butterflies on one plant, Marbled White, Small Skipper and a Meadow Brown.

Image reduced in size

In the same field was this five spot Burnet Moth.

Image reduced in size...

Back from Spain

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Spain vacations is over, and it was very interesting journey, full of beautiful landscapes, wildlife and rural idyll :)

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Figure in a 'forest'

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Over the past few months I have been building a fund of images taken on my walks around the local countryside, with the idea of using them in these montages. To begin with I was blundering about making pics of anything and everything. It wasn't until I began to formulate some ides for individual images that I was able to concentrate on...


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Seems rather naff to start a blog with "welcome" but I couldn't come up with anything more imaginative! The idea of this blog is to start to build another online presence that is located within a sector I'm involved. As with all of my attempts to do this I start with all good intentions but all too often fail to keep up the...


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Whenever we visited Scotland together, we invariable got ourselves a nice cottage and even took our two cats with us! There were many highlights and special memories from our trips and we did a fair amount of walking and photographing the local wildlife. One of our favorite places was the kite feeding station at Bellymack Hill Farm, on ...

From: Exhibition of Music Photo

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I have a small exhibition of my images of musicians opening at the Turner Sims Concert Hall on Southampton University campus from 3 May until 10 June. You can look at a slideshow of the 18 images here:


Signed archival prints are available to purchase on request.


Source: Exhibition of Music Photo

Work and more work

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Busy doing my day job but will soon be posting up some of my photographic work. Likely to be a mix of fashion, sports and family shots.
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